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How it works

How it works

Order stamp online!

1: Select stamp model.

2: Select the color of the stamp.

3: Select a motiv, enter text, and font. Upload your own motif.

4: Put special wishes for the stamp..

To your information: Depending of the type of the stamp plate, different
text arrangements are posible. E.g.: Round and oval stamps will have
the text above and under the picture in a bow, if you choose a
rectangular stamp we normally place the picture on the left side and the
text on the right. However, if you have special wishes of text and
picture arrangement, please tell us in the textbox below!

Generally the text lines are ordered top-down: Round stamps have the first row above and the second one under the picture

5: On request, we will send you a free copy of your stamp (as PDF).

To do this, please make the correction field required with yes.

6: Send your order and pay via credit card, paypal or sofortbanking.

7: After your order you will receive an order confirmation from us.

8: After you have accept your proof copy, you will receive your stamp within 2-3 working days.

Please contact us with questions about your order or design wishes.

Your extrastamp team